Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today's taste test was a little different. I decided to open up the tasting to two other people who happened to be in the house this evening. Sometimes I wonder if tomato preference is totally unique to the individual or if anybody else tasted the same things I tasted in each tomato... First bite - Dona, a small, round, red tomato. Dona doesn't look like anything special and when you first take a bite doesn't taste like anything special. It's a good, basic tomato but just before you swallow - there it is! You find that your tongue is tingling! It's a nice surprise! Next I tried Enchantment, an oval shaped red tomato with a pointed tip. I've really never had much blossom end rot before but this tomato seems quite prone to it. It was tasty, mild but not sweet and didn't make my tongue feel like fine grade sandpaper. Last I tried Purple Calabash. Some say it's the ugliest tomato on the planet. I think it's quite beautiful. The irregular ribs and dark purple and green colors are perfect examples of why i fell in love with heirloom tomatoes in the first place! With a skin as unique as it has, how can you not want to know more about what's inside? The flavor was not too strong but definitely had a hint of citrus. If I tell you that the other two people who tasted these tomatoes said almost the same things, word for word, i would not be lying. We all had the same reactions to these three tomatoes. it was difficult to choose a favorite and we changed our minds a few times. Favorite tomato today - final answer - Enchantment.

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