Friday, July 2, 2010

Tonight was the first taste test of the season - the first of many, I'm sure. Tomatoes are just starting to ripen. Most of the larger varieties need a little more time so the tomatoes I tasted today were Black Plum, Sungold Cherry, Gold Nugget, Cherry Pink and Green Zebra. I would have liked to include the three beautiful and ripe Woodles Orange in the tasting but a rodent of an undetermined species got to them first.

Gold Nugget was a tasty little gem, bright and sweet but maybe not enough. Cherry Pink didn't have enough flavor but I think I tasted a little hint of bubble gum in the after taste. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. Black Plum was strong and tart, a little too much for me. Green Zebra is on it's way to being delicious. This is the first year I'm having success growing Green Zebra. I believe the mild weather has something to do with that. I'm looking forward to enjoying more of them. True to form, one of the few hybrids that I allow myself to grow, the consistently sweet, delicious and prolific Sungold Cherry wins today!

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