Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Bris - a wonderfully happy occasion when a baby boy is born into a Jewish family.  Except for that brief moment of displeasure for the baby, it's an occasion to celebrate the next generation and the happiness that the new child will bring.

As we sat and enjoyed our meal - all Jewish occasions involve an elaborate meal - the topic of conversation turned to Mothers. Specifically the conversation went like this "If anything goes wrong, is done wrong or any parenting mistakes are made, just blame the Mother. It's always her fault." Not very comforting - for me, or the new Mother!

This morning I took a few minutes to enjoy my breakfast while looking out into the garden.  I thought to myself that these plants are like more children for me.  I take care of them.  I feed them and keep them warm, protect them from harm and cheer for their growth and successes. Parenting plants is so much easier than children. They will never have to make any difficult decisions or choices in life.  When a child makes a bad choice or decision, it is, of course, the Mother's fault.  Not so with plants - no choices for them to make.  And then I realized that I'm the one calling all the shots!  Whatever happens, it's all my fault! And I thought raising plants was easier than children...

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