Thursday, April 26, 2012


Don't worry - no details or secrets about the bestselling romantic novel will be disclosed in this post! Rather, let's use it as a jumping off point for a discussion about gardening.

Christian Grey, the main character in the trilogy, is a man with multiple layers to his personality. He may be young, but he has issues. Sounds like a few of my tomato plants.   He's moody to extremes and often described as mercurial.  Did I mention that Christian Grey is really good looking...drop dead gorgeous?   

At first glance, that's what I'd say about the garden, too. Young and fresh and absolutely beautiful.  Upon closer inspection, though, the frailties and imperfections become apparent. Some are quite obvious while others are quite subtle. Some seem to appear out of the blue without warning and others are more predictable.  

This morning, as I surveyed the garden, the temperature was mild and comfortable – for about a minute! The sun came out from behind the clouds and in a matter of moments, it was hot and bright. Then, just as quickly, the clouds shifted, the sun was again completely hidden, and a cool breeze began to blow.  Conditions in the garden change, sometimes very quickly. It can be cool and moist at one moment and in the blink of an eye, sunny and hot or dark and gloomy.  Weather can play havoc with young plants, causing curled or burnt leaves, allowing the ideal conditions for powdery mildew to set in or creating the perfect conditions for a hostile takeover by damaging insects.  These are things that we just cannot control. Plants react in a variety of ways, often in ways that we cannot predict.   I shudder to think of Christian Grey as a gardener!

The key is not to panic and over-react to every little thing as it occurs but rather to embrace them as part of the greater gardening experience. Sometimes, those little things that happen aren’t so bad after all.  If you can look at the big picture, you’ll find gardening to be much more pleasant and satisfying.  And, in the end, those Fifty Shades create something quite wonderful.

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