Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tomato Season is Here!

At long last, it's time to amend the soil, buy your seedlings and get the tomato garden planted! For me, that's music to my ears. But to many, getting the Summer garden started is an overwhelming task. Knowing what products to buy and how to use them is foreign to so many people who would just love to grow their own vegetables in their gardens. Sometimes the lack of knowledge can be paralyzing. My goal is to demystify the process so that you can enjoy tomato gardening as much as I do.

Soil preparation is key to a successful kitchen garden and that's one of the first and most important things I discuss in my class entitled "Yes, You Can Grow Tomatoes"! There's still time to register to attend my class on Sunday, April 11. Just send me an email for the details...

Here's a great tool that will help you all the way through the growing season and beyond...
It's my 2010 Tomato Growing Guide and Calendar. It runs March - February because it begins when tomato season begins! Every month offers concrete information about the things you should be doing in your garden. The non growing months provide other information for the tomato enthusiast. With beautiful photographs, gardening tips and delicious recipes this Tomato Calendar is every tomato lover's dream! Order your copy by sending me an email today!
Wishing you an amazing Summer garden!